Get to know unique Chilean wine Terroir Hunter (TH) – Sauvignon Blanc & Cabernet Sauvignon.

[TH] Sauvignon Blanc, Lo Abarca, Terroir Hunter, Undurraga &
[TH] Cabernet Sauvignon, Alto Maipo, Terroir Hunter, Undurraga

T.H. stands for Terroir Hunter. T.H. is an innovative project in the Chilean winemaking. After more than a century of producing wine, Chile is reinventing its viticulture, taking more risks, getting off the beaten track and emphasizing its diversity of climate, soil and topography. A country almost 5,000 kilometres long with abrupt topography ranging from sea level to mountains as high as 6,000 meters has potentially many more wine production areas than those that have historically been cultivated, which are located mostly in mid-Chile’s central valley. In fact, over the last decade, a small number of winemakers have ventured beyond the traditional areas. T.H. seeks to be an active member in this quest to explore new winemaking regions.

T.H. is a long-term project which transcends traditional winemaking boundaries in its search for unusual origins and outstanding results. Its focus is on the ongoing exploration of micro origins across Chile’s diverse topography.

The T.H. project seeks to deliver wines of origin which are different, innovative, rare and unique, with a strong character that fully expresses their origin and the authenticity of the place. These wines reveal the virtues and, at times, the shortfalls of their origin, but they are, above all, genuine.

This T. H. venture results in limited and dynamic releases of compelling wines from appellations which truly represent Chilean diversity, regional differences and innovation. These wines diverge from the trend towards standardization in the global viticulture, featuring freshness, character and purity rather than over-ripening and the increasingly common “big taste” of oak and alcohol.

T.H. wines are produced with minimal intervention and “make up”, using grapes from a selection of small vineyards which are carefully demarcated, understood and managed with an organic orientation and conscious respect for the environment.

Where is ‘Lo Abarca’?
Lo Abarca is a small village located in the San Antonio appellation, just 4 kilometres from the coast. Surrounded by the steep granitic hills of Chile’s coastal mountain range, Lo Abarca has a unique microclimate. The ocean’s influence is marked, with long, foggy mornings, cool, sunny afternoons and the lowest maximum temperatures in the appellation. For this wine we selected a single French 242 clone vineyard planted on the upper slope of a steep hill with north-western exposure to the sun. The soil is mainly composed of altered granitic rock, with some calcareous components and a shallow loamy surface profile. As a result, the roots are in constant interaction with the rock, seeking nutrients, minerals and water supply. We believe that this direct contact with the rock components contributes to the flinty mineral character of the wines from this area.

The Wine (Sauvignon Lo Abarca):
This is an intriguing and tangy Sauvignon Blanc, strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which lends it depth and layers of complexity. Ripe citrus aromas, such as limes and mandarins, combine with fennel, honey, as well as flinty and grassy notes. It is ample on the palate and gently structured.

This wine has crispness, notes of salt and stone, and an underlying minerality that gives it length and character.

Where is ‘Maipo’?
Grapes were sourced from a select vineyard in Pirque in the Alto Maipo area. The vineyard is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains range, on the eastern edge of the Maipo Valley, which is world-famous for its perfect climate for red wines. In the Maipo Valley, the daily temperatures are normally high in January and February, but they decrease substantially in March and April, providing the ideal conditions for the tannins to ripen completely and to ensure that the fresh aromas and flavours are preserved.

The Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon Alto Maipo):
A cedary and expressive Cabernet Sauvignon, with aromas of ripe blackcurrants and fresh berries, graphite notes and the subtle herbal hints characteristic of Cabernet Sauvignon wines from cool areas in Maipo. Refined and soft on the palate, the wine has tense, structured tannins and a subtle influence of fine oak.

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