Best Christmas Turkey Recipe Ever

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“The Best Christmas Turkey Recipe Ever” at Bistro Vadouvan

Our chef patron Durga Misra is definitely not one of those arrogant braggy TV chefs we’re all so familiar with (you know the ones😉!) but even he describes his turkey recipe as “one of the best turkey dishes ever.”

Durga’s take on the classic Christmas roast turkey embodies his passion for French & Spice, whilst also addressing the age old dry-turkey issue, when the poor bird is over-cooked to within an inch of its life and the meat becomes as dry as shredded cardboard.

Durga’s recipe sees the breast stuffed with a pork farce packed full of flavours from fennel, chilli, black pepper, chestnuts, sage, parsley and lots of olive oil and white wine. It’s then wrapped in bacon and glazed in a deliciously sweet spiced honey and five-spice glaze before being slow cooked.

“The farce, bacon and glaze all help to keep the turkey really moist,” he says, as well as all his carefully balanced spices creating a wonderful depth of flavour.

The dish is finished off with a cassis sauce and Durga’s delicious spiced sweet potatoes cooked in an orange glaze with multi-layered flavours from angostura bitters, chilli and sage, creating a spicy sweetness with just a hint of bitter undertones.

As with all of Durga’s dishes, the recipe is a truly original take on this Christmas classic.

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