Bistro Vadouvan

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Blending the essence of French cuisine with spices of the Orient

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Bistro Vadouvan combines classical French cuisine with the subtleties of Middle Eastern and Asian flavours, creating mouth-watering and original dishes.

Our chef patron’s Michelin-starred background ensures our dishes are unique, perfectly balanced and utterly delicious.

All our food is prepared with freshly sourced, high quality ingredients and presented with beautiful simplicity in the modern rustic surrounds of our new Putney Wharf restaurant. At its heart, Bistro Vadouvan is about providing luxurious comfort food packed with flavour in relaxed surrounds while delivering great value.

Our History

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Bistro Vadouvan is a collaboration between two friends who grew up in the same town in India, but only got to know each other while at hospitality college years later.

Since then, their careers brought them both to London, as they separately forged their own successful careers within the Capital’s restaurant scene.

The concept of Bistro Vadouvan has been endlessly discussed between the two friends over the odd beer, night out or ‘where is our life going?’ discussions, but it never seemed quite the right time to actually go for it, till now

Their dreams became a reality this year when they stumbled on the fabulous site in Putney Wharf, with its enviable position on the main piazza and views of The River Thames beyond.

The Concept

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The only one of its kind in London, Bistro Vadouvan subtly blends the essence of French cuisine with spices of the Orient.

Chef-patron Durga’s inspiration comes from his Michelin-starred background, having worked with the likes of Eric Chavot, Joel Antunes and Pascal Proyart during his career.

The concept was born as the allure of traditional French cuisine - using cream, butter and fats is on the wane - despite the flavours still being hugely popular and much loved.

Introducing two clay ovens, a bespoke BBQ section and subtle elements of Middle Eastern and Asian spices to classical French dishes gives a lighter, contemporary touch to the food, that brings out the best in the cuisine while being more in keeping with today’s tastes.

The Bistro

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Our Bistro is situated on Putney Wharf’s stunning piazza, overlooking the River Thames.
We’ve combined traditional rustic charm with a modern touch to create an informal, relaxed and comfortable ambience. With four quite distinct dining sections, the Bistro caters for all types of guests, from locals grabbing a quick bite, families and friends enjoying a leisurely meal to parties and special events.

Our main dining area features stripped beams and a stunning glass fronted wine cellar as well as a fabulous electric blue banquette for the ultimate in stylish dining.

Our communal dining table embodies the essence of Bistro Vadouvan, where neighbours, locals and friends can meet to enjoy our hospitality in relaxed and friendly surrounds.

For quick bites and kitchen views our bar offers select dining options, while our semi-private balcony area for up to 16 is perfect for groups and parties.

And of course, when the weather’s nice, we have tables outside to soak in the rays while enjoying our delicious food and fabulous views.

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Bistro Vadouvan, where French & Spice IS the Variety of Life

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Our Sample Menu

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(v): Suitable for Vegetables           (n): Contains Nuts            (g): Contains Gluten

A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill. We cannot guarantee that any of our foods are free from nuts or nut derivatives or dairy products. We will do our best to isolate/exclude these ingredients. Please ask a member of the service staff regarding your special needs. Errors and omissions are exempted.

Our Team

Durga Misra

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For chef patron Durga, his Michelin-starred career began in London in 2002 with a stint at the award-winning fish restaurant One – o – One in Knightsbridge before moving to the 2 Michelin starred Capital hotel in Belgravia under Eric Chavot for five years. His career then took him to La Petit Maison before his first head chef position at Kitchen by Joel Antunes and then his second, returning to Chavot’s fold, to head up Brasserie Chavot in Mayfair.

Although Durga originally fell into cheffing by accident, once behind a stove, he quickly fell in love with food, flavours and spices and the whole kitchen life, longing to one day open his own restaurant where he could freely create his own style of cuisine.

The Kitchen Team

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Dawid Rejman
A young, bon vivant, Dawid has worked on several previous projects with Durga. Polish-born, he’s creative and passionate about just two things in life: food and working with his team.

Master Leo
A native French-Moroccan perfectionist with a flair for cooking outrageously delicious desserts, Leo has worked his way up through various London restaurants and promises to bring magical desserts to Bistro Vadouvan.

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Address 30 Brewhouse Lane,
Putney Wharf,Putney,London SW15 2JX

Phone 0203 475 3776


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